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Jõhvi Concert Hall

The colourful history of Jõhvi Concert Hall dates back to the year 1491, when Jõhvi Manor with its historicist features stood on the spot of the modern Jõhvi Concert House. The manor buildings were surrounded by a spacious park, which can be found next to the concert house even today, reminding us of the former glory of the manor.

August 26, 1978 saw the completion of the culture palace October, designed by architect Rein-Mihhail Heiduk. It was situated where the main building of Jõhvi Manor used to be. A hobby centre and various independent groups started work in the building. The 800-seat hall hosted an active cultural programme. On November 11, 1993, the culture palace was renamed Jõhvi Concert House and continued operating under the administrative area of Jõhvi City.

In cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Jõhvi City Government, the construction company AS FKSM (later YIT Ehitus AS) and RE Estonian Concert, the renovation of Jõhvi Cultural Centre began on October 6, 2004. As a result of a successful cooperation, Jõhvi Concert House opened its doors on October 8, 2005 under the management of Aivar Mäe, acting at the time as the Director of Estonian Concert. The architects of the concert house are Ra Luhse and Tanel Tuhal. Linda Madalik created the concert hall’s excellent acoustics. Cinema Amadeus, Jõhvi City Gallery, Jõhvi Music School, Jõhvi Hobby Centre and Café Noot reside in the building.

Jõhvi Concert House is an excellent choice for organising various events. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festive receptions, classical concerts, ballet performances, balls, rock concerts and many more in can be held at Jõhvi Concert Hall. Our customers prefer us because of the comfort we provide, our convenient location, great indoor opportunities, a spacious parking lot and diversity. We always try to find the best solutions for our customers and organise successful events!

Technical specification

Grand Hall

• ~ 600 m2

• Seats in the hall: 838, ground floor: 528 / balconies: 310

• Adjustable seats (up to 926 seats)

• Capacity without chairs: 900 people

• Salon-style capacity: 360 people

• Adjustable hall floor

• Retractable seating system


Stage of the Grand Hall

• Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.2 m
• 3+1 stage sections and if necessary, up to 7 steps
• Retractable revolving stage ø 10.5 m
• 2 side stages, each 50 m2
• Orchestra pit 6.5 x 15 m


Chamber Hall

• ~180 m2
• Seats in the hall: 160
• Adjustable seats (up to 170 seats)
• Capacity without chairs: 160 people
• Salon-style capacity: 120 people
• Adjustable hall floor
• Retractable seating system


Seminar Facilities

Jõhvi Concert House is an excellent place to hold conferences and seminars. There are four seminar rooms on two floors of the concert house with a spacious lobby and a wardrobe. We offer our customers a peaceful and uninterrupted milieu away from the city noise. This is a great opportunity to combine work and relaxation. We provide various activities after a long seminar day – a relaxing salon-style mood evening in the concert or chamber hall and a private cinema session. The opportunities of Jõhvi Concert House are only limited by the fantasy of the customer! The four seminar rooms can hold 12–70 guests.


Pakume konverentsiruume koos kaasaegsetele nõuetele vastavate tehniliste abivahenditega:
Dataprojektorid 2200 Ansi Lum, 4 500 Ansi Lum, 6000 Ansi Lum, 10 000 Ansi Lum
LCD telerid
Ekraanid mõõdus 3m x 4m, 2m x 3m
Televiisorid Sony 32″ , Samsung 32″ (2 tk)
Taustad: valge ja must
Aksid: valget ja musta värvi
Valguspuldi rent koos valgustehnikuga
MAC prožektor
Valgustehnilised erilahendused koos valgustehnikuga väljaspool Jõhvi kontserdimaja
Pea-, raadio- ja reväärmikrofon
Helirežissööri teenus
Lindistus üritustel
Helipuldi rent koos tehnikuga
Digital HD Videokaamera Sony NEX-VG10
Sony DVD salvestaja Sony RDR-HX680
Punkttõstuk – kõrgus kuni 14m
Tõstelava – kõrgus 2,6m, platvotmi suurus on 1m*1,9m
Tõlketehnika, sh teisaldatav tõlkekabiin
Moodullava poodiumid, 2m x 1m, kõrgusega 20cm, 40cm, 60cm
Draamapõrand 1,25 m x 2,50 m/tk
Teisaldatav pöördlava koos montaažiga
Väliüritustele telkide ja lavade rent


  • Harpshichord
  • Piano Estonia
  • Elektric piano Roland
  • Piano Stainway


Jõhvi Concert Hall

Head administrator of Jõhvi Concert Hall
Phone: +372 334 2005 / +372 50 99 485

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